Nishimura Co. Ltd. delivers “tatami mats” from the history
and traditional culture of Kyoto to the world.

“Tatami mats” are a flooring material that have been treasured in Japan for 1300 years. Tatami mats became an important element in Japanese buildings during the Edo period (1603-1867). Throughout their long history, they have maintained an intimate connection to elements of Japanese tradition such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement and judo.

The characteristics of “tatami mats” are their refreshing feel and just right feeling of springiness, and their fragrance of rush, a natural material which captures heat and preserves moisture, that calms the soul.
The act of sitting on “tatami mats” has given rise to the “omotenashi” (hospitality) attitude of welcoming a guest with a spirit of reverence, and thus “tatami mats” are also connected to Japan’s spiritual culture and lifestyle.

We would like to deliver these “tatami mats” and “tatami culture” to many people throughout the world.

Nishimura Co., Ltd. Representative Director Akihiko Ebara

Representative Director Akihiko Ebara

Company Overview

Representative Director Chairman Umekuni Nishimura
Representative Director President Akihiko Ebara
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April 1959 Nishimura Tatami is opened in Kyoto in Imadegawa, Onmae
May 1960 Nishimura Tatami moves to its present address
September 1972 Nishimura Tatami and Carpets Co., Ltd. established
October 1985 Name changes to Nishimura Co., Ltd.
April 1998 Umekuni Nishimura appointed Representative Director Chairman
    Akihiko Ebara appointed Representative Director President
April 2012 Chairman Umekuni Nishimura is awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure

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Sanjō-dōri Tenjingawa Higashi-iru Kitagawa
2 min. walk from Uzumasa Tenjingawa station
2 min. walk from Ran-den Tenjingawa station
Directly nearby Koshin-mae
Closed on Sundays, holidays, and every third Saturday