Privacy Policy

Here at Nishimura, the privacy and confidentiality of user information is important. We are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your user information. We may update this policy (see below) from time to time, so please check here frequently. We will not disclose identifiable user information to any third party without consent.

1. Purpose of use

We will only be using your personal information for the following purposes:
1.) Used to send information and provide guidance about our company’s services (special information).
2.) To return mail, telephone or email inquiries 3.) Surveying and research on making our services better without jeopardizing customer information privacy.
4.) In the case we feel it is necessary to contact customers via phone, email or mail.

2. Handling of IP addresses/cookies

When using our company’s website, your IP address (the address allocated to your computer when you use the internet) is collected.
Your IP address is recorded for the purposes of looking up how long you used a website.
Our company will not use your IP address to identify you personally under any circumstances.
Our company website does use cookies for the purposes listed below.
Cookies are information that the web server sends to your browser and is stored on your computer’s hard drive.
You may rest assured, however, that the cookies contain no information that can be used to identify you personally.
・To provide and improve content that satisfies our customers.
・ To use for analyzing what services customers are interested in and to distribute effective advertising on our website.

3. Privacy policy and third party endorsement

Other than these entities, who act on our behalf, information you provide will not be transferred to unrelated third parties,
1.) Personal information will not be released without full consent of the customer. 2.) Information may be subject to disclosure pursuant to judicial or other government subpoenas, warrants or orders. 3.) Personal information may be disclosed in the case that life is at stake and are not able to retrieve authorization.

4. Maintenance of personal information

Our company has an assigned manager responsible for handling personal information and we exercise proper caution and management to ensure that there is no improper accessing, loss, damage, falsification or leaking of personal information.

5. Correction& Updates of personal information

We make repeated efforts to verify the accuracy of Information and to correct and update our database from Information available to us. In the event a Customer believes that such Information held by us is inaccurate, outdated or wish to be deleted from database or stop usage, we will, upon notification and sufficient time for verification, take all reasonable steps to correct any inaccuracy or update outdated information of which we are made aware.

6. Policy Changes

We may change or terminate this Policy at any time without prior notice by posting an amended version of the Policy on our Web site and providing you with the ability to opt out of any new, unanticipated uses of Information not previously disclosed in the Policy.

7. Feedback & Inquiries

For more information regarding personal information or our privacy policy, please contact us via email. 
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